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Your Cinematographer with a difference
Arty, Simple & Stylish
Drama To Documentary.

Beautifully composed

Experience in shooting and understanding workflows for
1080p to 8K.

Artistic &

Learning The Craft Whilst Working
In The Industry, Working With Like Minded Individuals To Create an Amazing Production.

Grading + DIT Services.

4k & More

If your looking for a Cinematographer with lots of background about the final image then I'm your man.
With over 3years experience as a Digital Imaging Technician and OnSet Colour Grading.
I can offer services that will complete your production.
For more info give me a call.

Production Values 

Powerful Performance

No Job is too big or too small.
Also always wanting to go that extra mile just because I can and care about your project.

Camera, Sound, Editing, Grading

The Kit

Knowledge is key.
Understanding who to employ and what kit to get is always an issue of getting the right information and research from key individual people who have perfected their field.
For more info give me a call.


"A cinematographer is a visual psychiatrist - moving an audience through a movie ... making them think the way you want them to think, painting pictures in the dark."
Gordon Willis, ASC.

My Passion

is to always live, dream, and sleep film.
There is just nothing else that I would rather be doing.


with my Cinematography course, it has lead me to understand and to know that everyday I will be learning and that every project is different.


firstly the story as a visual context, then secondly portraying that all on screen.
And showing the Directors vision to the best of my abilities.


is something that I love dearly.
I'm always wondering what the next best thing is, and how it can improve my life at work and at home as its always evolving.

Endless Possibilities

to what can be imagined.
If you can dream it, it most likely can be made.

Light & colour

is what I grew up with as a child.
The need and passion to entertain, show new stories through Pictures, Theatre and Film. I love colour and adding in light and shade into my work.
Light and the use of light to create a scene, mood and to tell the story is what I thrive to do.

Short Films, Feature Films, Commercials, and More.

My demo & Show reel

This Is My Cinematography Reel - Jan 2015
Featuring: Box Day, 6 Seconds to Die (Horror Channel), Trick Shot, Immortal Longings (48hr Competition), The Argument, Dear Darwin.

Industry Experience
And over hits to this site every Month
No. of Blog Posts a year
Open and Ready 364 Days

My Brief portfolio

James Ian Gray - Everyday Is A School Day At James's Blog

My Cinematography course.

Because I didn't get into film school, and spending over 20K on a course was just slightly expensive for me I decided to create my own.

Any this is the reason for my blog and for my site.
I shall be sharing more technical information, research, experiences, mistakes that I make on my journey throughout my blog.
But not only that. Fingers crossed meeting up with fellow like-minded people and blogging about them and their experiences and knowledge.

Learn More About My Course

What People Say About James?

James is brillant and an asset to The Tunnel. He's now a regular part of our team and also my go-to guy for any future jobs. Very easy to get on with and knowledgeable too which is always a bonus!

Jody VandenBurgDirector - Tunnel

James worked beyond the call of duty to ensure that I realised my vision of the screenplay. His suggestions were insightful & his skills very high. The standard he sets himself makes him an asset to any film crew. I was in safe hands & so was my project.

K R BestDirector and Writer

James is consistently punctual, polite, reliable, helpful, respectful and all the time maintaining a sense of humour. He is the technician of choice when the department require free-lancers to work on projects. I have no hesitation in recommending and commending this young capable professional.

Sean Brennan Royal Holloway University

About Me:

Grantham Born 1985. Interested about photography and film ever since he was a kid. The passion for filmmaking came from his Dad, an amateur photographer but builder by trade.

Over the years James learned stage lighting at school by experimenting and lighting school plays and yearly stage productions. He was the in-house-tech for every production going.

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